I don't care about mistakes as long as you say what you want to say with your music! Dare to take risks! 

- Kristina

Kristina Vårlid


Petter Richter

I'm looking forward to hear the personalities to the young musicians that will play. Be yourself!

- Petter

Tormund Vea

Play as you would in a concert. I'm looking for personality and creativity in your performance!

- Tormund

Eva Beneke

Remember to tell a story with each note. Show us what fascinates you in the works you chose! 

- Eva




In addition to participate at the festival there is a possibility to join a competition for young guitarists. This is a great opportunity to perform some of the repertoire you are working on and a good way to have a goal to work towards. The repertoire is free of choice.

The competition is open for all nationalities.  


Group 1 (up to 15 years of age)

The competition consists of 1 round where you can play approximately

5 minutes. The location will be Levinsalen at The Norwegian Academy of Music on the 29th of March 2020.

Group 2 (16 - 20 years of age) 

The competition consists of 2 rounds on the 28th and 29th of March 2020 at The Norwegian Academy of  Music. It is allowed to repeat repertoire from the first round in the final round. 

1st round: max. 7 minutes

Final: ca. 20 minutes


  • 1. prize in age group 1 & 2: Performance at Guitar Nordic Festival 2020

  • 1. prize in either age group 1 or 2: A concert guitar made by luthier Keijo Korelin.

  • Best Nordic guitarist: Three concerts in Norway with a fee of 10 000 NOK in total. 

  • Aquila strings, Augustine strings, Bergmann Edition scores, Norsk Musikforlag scores.


For masterclasses, concerts and competition.

Application: 1500 NOK


Carlotta Dalia

Tell us your story

and make your art!

- Carlotta